The Usual Suspects

Design by southworth

The Usual Suspects by southworth on Threadless
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Bisparulz profile pic Alumni

niiice 5$

staffell profile pic Alumni

this is good though

Ste7en profile pic Alumni

Baron von Aaron even sent me 23 links to identical designs....this is really well done, and as far as I can tell i've never seen these 3 in a lineup before. I always dig your style.

Monkey II
Monkey II profile pic Alumni

ahahhaha -- nice one!

Recycledwax profile pic Alumni

For me it's new and fresh!
Nicely done! Great illustration and color! 5$

staffell profile pic Alumni

the tire guy?? that's the michelin man!!

southworth profile pic Artist

What about the idea has been done before? The lineup concept? Are you saying that this EXACT idea has been done before, with Stay Puft, Dough Boy, and Michelin Man? Basically the idea here is they all got brought in because they all look similar, even though Dough Boy is clearly an innocent victim of profiling.

And yes, obviously they are different heights in "real life", but marshmallow men can't grow beards or smoke cigarettes in "real life", either. Think of them as the actors who PLAY the characters, if it helps you.

Thanks for the comments!

southworth profile pic Artist

Amen, sister. Looking back thorough the submissions, I see now the lineup thing has been done a lot, but I didn't know that at the time. I still think it's a solid design, though.

dacat profile pic Alumni

It'd be funny to see them both poking dough boy in the face or something...but great job as-is!


I love it and I would wear ir all summer.

southworth profile pic Artist

Guys, if the characters were the "correct" size, the Michelin Man would come up to about the middle of Stay Puft's foot, and the Pillsbury Dough Boy would be a little white dot on the floor. I can see making PDB a little shorter to emphasize his meekness, though.


Shrink the Pilsbury dough boy and add Sof' Boy and youre in like flint !


We're not totally focused on accuracy. We just don't want them all the same size.


i like this :o)


I love this, it's hilarious. Who cares if a similar design has been done before? There will always be something similar out there to most designs. This works because of the way southworth made the design his own, with the characters he chose to put in it, the composition, everything.
I don't understand why people get so nasty & anal on this site sometimes.


Hahaha i love this its so funny

andyg profile pic Alumni

Excellent character design as usual! 5

southworth profile pic Artist

I think the difference here is that the story being told is different. It's not just criminals lined up in front of a wall. They're obviously all there because they look alike, even though the one in the middle clearly doesn't belong there. He is a victim of "white lumpy guy" profiling by cops who can't tell the difference between a dude made out of marshmallow, bread dough, or rubber.

For the record, I never thought you were calling the design shit, Baron, but when you make any comparison using fecal imagery, be prepared for someone to get defensive, no matter the context. Good advice!



southworth profile pic Artist

That is an excellent point, Peaches!


i have never seen it.
i think it's funny.


Not for me.


It would be better if the dough was a LOT smaller, and you had, like, snoopy or seomthing.

Well, not Snoopy.
But you get the idea.


$5. Of course it isn't original. Its the message and the delivery that matter. Great Job.


i think it can be established that the pilsbury doughboy needs to be shorter, no? i thought the same thing, but at least took the time to read.

baron sdfasdfaaron whatever- jesus tits, son. because a "line-up" shirt has been presented before doesn't mean this is the same idea. i don't understand where you get the idea that because other line-up shirts have been designed, they're all the same.


that shirt is great man

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