You Shall Not Pass!!!!

Design by theurbanraptor

You Shall Not Pass!!!! by theurbanraptor on Threadless
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no, answerthatandstayfashionable, the name DOES matter. it's from lord of the rings.
and it's fabulous, by the way! $5


Yeah.. I also thought it was a Holy Grail reference of "None shall pass" clever either way


definitely a staff. still $5.


so funny especially since we all just went through finals...


Have Gandalf looking out at us ( viewers of the shirt ). I would love to see the quote on the shirt in bold letters in a LOTR font ( there's ~ 30 fonts at the link ).


I would do what helo said and/or add his staff or hat. You need something to make it Gandalf instead of some bearded fellow.


needs more detail.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Screw the staff (not literally of course...unless that's your thing) would be cool to have the staff in his other hand (cause i too was one of the superduper nerds who thought you were referencing Monty Python), but the text in LOTR text NEEDS to be on this to really get the point across in any feasible scenario. I like mystery, but i also like cohesive and witty ass designs, which with these tweaks, this would fill that gap and be a major 5$ for sure! Right now, you got a big ol 3. But please re-submit.


love it, not the t-shirt color so much


Haha, I love it. I don't think the reference to LotR is even that important. I laughed even before I realized that. And yes- it would be funnier if is was the Monty Python guy.

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