The crane wife

Design by kalien

The crane wife by kalien on Threadless
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The contest is for The Island not The crane Wife. Sorry

Alex M. Solefish

I love the wave, the ship, and their style. I say ditch the guitar. And plenty of designs have referred to/used cranes, especially some of the most winsome (pun intended).


i don't know a thing about the Decemberists, at least, not these Decemberists, who I assume are musical. My only suggestion is a little more emphasis on the guitar., I think the guitar's not standing out enough is why it looks like two different pictures. perhaps it's just because of this shirt color though


I really like this. I think it would look better without the guitar, but I understand why it's there. Good job.


Bigger! I think the artist's concept would be completely lost without the guitar


Gorgeous design that draws you in until you get down to the guitar. I know you want to represent the music aspect of the submission, but I'd try it another way. The rest of the design is fantastic!

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