The Landlord's Daughter

Design by nibbi

The Landlord's Daughter by nibbi on Threadless
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jimmytan profile pic Alumni

wow.. awesome! i wan!!


i love everything but the clouds. i know, clouds are hard. but so is water, and i love what you've done with it. i just think you can push the clouds a little more and get them to be on par with the rest of the design :) good work!


i hate to be the bearer of bad news... but unless this girl is really short with a long rump... her crack should not be that close to her waist!! this bugs me, but seems like an easy enough fix!


i agree with xiiiin, otherwise on the money, 5

boost ventilator

Doesn't really look like Britt Ekland, but I can dig it.

nibbi profile pic Artist

Isn't it funny how something you hadn't seen before can look so obvious once someone points it out. Thank you for your comments. These would not take very long to fix.


"I'll come to you by moonlight though hell should bar the way..."


yeeeeah subdue the crack a little, but otherwise awesome 5$


My imagination is telling me she is a vampyre readying herself to head out for the evening!!!


the first of these contest subs I have liked. not too punk.


i dig it.... it reminds me of a scene in Almost Heroes.


water's a lil weird for me.

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