Food Fight

Design by TomReynolds

Food Fight by TomReynolds on Threadless
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i think there is a lot going on here... i think the gorilla grenade image could be on a different shirt entirely... not saying it has to be. I also agree about the banana mushroom tree... shame it is a mushroom cloud... at first i thought what a cool banana tree! then it was like oh... another war theme


so are you TomReynolds "aka Tom a 23.81 year old boy" or line_up_line_up "aka Tom Reynolds a 30.11 year old boy"?

Montro profile pic Alumni

Smart concept! and I love the expression on the monkey :)


That's cool... just wondering. Good concept.


Sorry if I'm repeating anyone else's comments...
It took me a minute to realize that was meant to be a mushroom cloud. Also, the grenade seems sort of moot considering there's a mushroom cloud on the horizon. Maybe stick with just one of the two.


the gorilla looks like the gorilla for 'Gorillaz' might be some copyright issues? but well done! flying the british flag woo :D

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I think the images mesh quite well together, and i knew it as a mushroom cloud instantly. Very nice work, don't change a thing.


oh man, my brother and i played that game soooo much in the 90s. the younger generation will never know the awesomeness that was DOS. good times. showing other/more bannanas/bannana-grenades exploding properly would do it for me.

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Nice $5


yea i think it would be a definite winner if you shrank up the bananas to give the mushroom cloud more of a distant and detailed look. great concept, by the way.

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