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pilihp profile pic Alumni

looks awesome!


delicious. i'm curious to see what this would look like with the organs somewhat in the right spots, but i don't mind them as not... makes you look a little longer before realizing... i like that

herky profile pic Alumni

great color combo, the shading of the heart, lungs and roses are ace


Nice job, Jublin


I forgot my exclamation point.... !!!

jublin profile pic Artist

oooh thanks guys.

yeah i was thinking about placing the organs in the right spot. Well the heart sort of is in the right spot, but as far as the LUNGS go they would be where, surrounding the heart? hmm... i kind of wanted to spread out the pink a little so it was a bit more balanced.


nice colours! i like the 'veiny' details on the organs


hot pink sizzle


it's a little on the goth side - but i really like the shading style on the organs - you can keep the heart where it is (maybe just a wee bit more to the center of the position on the white) - but the lungs are kinda odd and large, placing them anatomically would make one giant pink blob in the middle (and double lung transplants are pretty rare anyway) - maybe if you did the liver? or one kidney? - then you could put them close to anatomic position and keep the pink spread out in the design

speedyjvw profile pic Alumni

nice change of pace


funkie fresh
funkie fresh profile pic Alumni

big prints rooooooooooooock!

mezo profile pic Alumni

REALLY nice shading! Especially the bewbs on the lady shirt. 4


Heart and lungs rule! If they were in the right spot, everyone would complain about how it's too much like 'Caged' or any of those other body-part themed shirts. The way you've done it here is way cooler.

It's a design, not an X-ray!

jublin profile pic Artist

what are we doctors?

everythings gotta be in the right place right? nah way jose! this keeps things more balanced and ORGANIC. thanks for the comments guys.

i think theyre pronounced "bubes" mezo!

Lupencia profile pic Alumni

I love the composition and the colors, very different from your usual stuff, and oh so beautiful :D

Ava Adore

whoaaaaaa, nice work!


emo much?

.onion profile pic Alumni


stingerstyler profile pic Alumni

magenta ROCKS jubster!

Ste7en profile pic Alumni

I thought I commented already, but I was wrong. Love the new style you tried out, the shading and details are excellent. Very unique for threadless. I prefer the white version myself. 5$


i love the colors


It's not emo. I know Justin. He only listens to Heavy Metal and Salsa. If anything this is Salso.

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