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Can this be the last one with the silhouetted foreground for a while? The illustration is nice though. The shirt color is like blood, which is a nice touch.


WOW !!! I love it. 5$


Shirt color and style is MUCH better than the first one. I'm torn, though, because I liked how the wolves were sneaking up on the first one. The joke was on the wolves last time.


great detail work


I don't like the dynamite in the basket, probably because I love animals. but within the context of the story, it makes sense for it to have dynamite. very well done. I think the wolf should be a little farther away from the dummy

staffell profile pic Alumni

nice work!


great work. . .i love it!


Love it!!!


Love it :-)


i love the way you drew the wolf.


How are sooooo many of the recent designs submitted, including this one so insanely awesome? It's beginning to blow my mind!

Ava Adore

great colours!


this is cool

.onion profile pic Alumni

Dude the detail on this design just blows my mind :O

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I thought instantly this reminded me of another submission, but then i noticed you had done the dramatically differently-styled take on this concept as well! They are drawn so amazingly different it is incredible they both came out of the same illustrator! I really like the night scene and the moon shining through the trees really sells your ive-got-the-whole-wide-world-in-my-shirt look, but I think there needs to be another wolf either by the side of this one or centering the riding hood fake in the center of the design and have them attacking around her. I really liked in your previous Okami-styled design the wolf that was about to pounce. Also, the dynamite isn't popping out too well against the bloody background, so centering the riding hood against the black would work for the problem as well...or at least brigthen up the dynamite flames. Still, i'd DEF be purchasing this if it gets through the process. Good work!

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