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omg haha i luv this so much


omg! i LOOOOOOOOOVE this!!!

valorandvellum profile pic Alumni

The comb is a great touch.


this has got to be printed! i love that his bell is all big and blingin'.


I hate black people too. I hope this doesn't get printed.


not racist? maybe that wasn't the intent, but I know that people would be offended by this. A member of a family or other group who is considered undesirable or disreputable... The least reputable member of a group; a disgrace... a reckless and unprincipled reprobate

Recycledwax profile pic Artist

Thanx Ruth.
And no, this is not racism at all. It's base on an expression. (Being the black sheep). Read my description : "It's about feeling different."
Thanx for the positive comment ;). Really appreciated!


all i ask is some feet. that's all. it's still a 4, but you'll get $5 with feet. they just look like they're floating there. all i even need are like little lumps under them... something to hold it up.


i really dont like the style much... instead of a comb, why not a pick with a fist on top??? because i never walked around with a comb in my head...a pick dude, a pick... any who... good idea... poorly executed

Recycledwax profile pic Artist

Well.. I do understand you're point. But feeling different isn't a bad thing! Have u see who's the "coolest" sheep in this illustration? Well it's the black one! And being the black sheep don't usualy come with a negative side, it's just an expression. And this ain't racist for me caus' it's cute, I didn't want to do a debate on the subject with this design. I've already post it on deviant art and I've never heard the word "racist". So I'm kinda bit of surprise that people thought that here.

And this is just a white kids idea of what black people are. Next time I'll see an american joke about canadian wearing fur hats, beaver and all that stuff, should I feel threadtened? I just don't see how I could offend black people with this one... they're nothing saying that they are not good people and all that stuff! It's just a cute illustration about feeling different. And the black sheep in this illustration is the coolest one!

staffell profile pic Alumni



just take out the bling bling part

Patrick Seymour
Patrick Seymour profile pic Alumni

non mais monsieur se croit tout permis non mais tsé wow la sté vent dire ya des limites et la ben sté c,est assez sté un moment donné je dis wow wow la le tata ca va faire les joke raciste de même la sté un moment donné faut dire wow pis la ben sté c'est comme le moment de dire wow parce qui ne faut pas nous prendre pour des tatas la genre yé beau le ti tata ... non sté wow la ... quand même avant que sté genre la wow sté un moment comme ca sté ca pourrait arriver que sté genre la wow hen sté c'est assez ... je crois que je suis clair la


It a really cute idea, but the excecution is a little, guh? Off.


I do liek ti, but people are saying "racist" which I dissagree with, but maybe if the sheep was.. grey? I don't know.. that maight be taken from a Belgium cartoon my friend told me. OR you could make it like some random color. x)

Nice gallery you have! :)


The fact that the sheep are cute doesn't have anything to do with whether the idea here is racist. I think you should ask some black folks what they think.

Recycledwax profile pic Artist

I know thanx!! I didnt want this to be a debate about racist... so I'm kinda disapointed about it... I just can't believe people could says so much bad thing!!! (like saying they hate black people! I'm like WTF!)
Anyways, thanx for those who take time to see the creativity in it and the concept, instead of having a closed mind and scream to injustice!


not racist at all.. it's just a very well known expression.. i'm a black sheep...


not racist... just a coincidence.

i dig. 5$

Recycledwax profile pic Artist

Never heard of it, i've search for them and if you use your eye you could see that they have legs and arm attatch to them body, different face etc... before saying that people copy stuff you might at first look closer and then try to do stuff of you're own too caus' i see nothing in you're gallery. And it's sheep!!! One day or another they will look the same, a sheep is a sheep! But thanx, I've search for Adrian Ramos and he's doing great stuff, so in a sort of way I'm glad you tried to compare me to him.


Jeez, some people here are just too f***ing anal & obsessed with being 100% PC. Did we learn nothing from that South Park episode where they debated about changing the town flag? I never thought there was anything racist about this! When I look at it, all I see is a cute & funny pic with a positive message about being different! 5$ all the way! ^_^

And btw, I actually asked an African-American I know what he thought of this, & he liked it! So there! =P


nice~ the "bling bling" hit the spot. i'm not sure about the shirt being white though.


A black sheep is a misfit, something undesirable. Equating a black person with an undesirable misfit is racism.

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