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o man, i love it. i would wear it just to see what my lit teacher would say.

KDLIG profile pic Artist

actually they are masks, it's up to you guys to label them up, if you're a gay guy or girl, or a heterosexual, both mask can be girls, or guys or a boy and a girl, it's quite androgynous so go represent whatever you are, and the background thingi is a clash of excitement when you kiss someone, and it's not the thing you called sperm, hehehe, it's a design f0r everyone!


they both look like guys, which might make it a hard sell.


I HEART THIS!!! And I think the text fits perfect with the typical story "Once upon a time..." ... "the end"


Is this on black? If it is, i'll buy it.

cpdesign profile pic Alumni

Nice illustration and style, but because the masks are questionable as far as what sex they are, I couldn't wear this. Sorry. Otherwise nice job.

KDLIG profile pic Artist

shirt colors are black, chocolate and navy blue


OMG THIS IS HECKA AWESOME! I actually interpret it to be the characters of said play and that they do end happily ever after in the story. Idk maybe I'm to dramtic haha!

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