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tomburns profile pic Alumni

i like that there are little guys in this one. do one sometime without the big main dude and instead more little dudes. i think it will make the drawings look less like BLAM all up in your face at first glance.


Princessmax, bananaphone doesn't draw like this because he lacks skill. He draws like this because he has a unique style. If people would realize that, maybe some of these awesome designs he keeps submitting would get printed!

I think you should have submitted this to Wired Nextfest loves Threadless, what with the binary and all... 5$

bananaphone profile pic Artist

yeah i missed the boat on that one pope =P

grayehound profile pic Alumni

unfortunately, "unique style" doesn't always translate well to tee design. I'd use this as magazine spot, but on this site it's going to get hammered, like most of bphone's stuff, because "unique style" isn't enough with most voters...and (more importantly) most buyers.

still, I like it, bad as it is going to score

bananaphone profile pic Artist

hah, you are so clever MuchoGrande.

What a zinger!


i like it except for the thing coming out of the body

tracerbullet profile pic Alumni

I think this is one of my favorites of yorus

tracerbullet profile pic Alumni

and also yours

Ava Adore

yeah nice illus. thats all.

OlliRudi profile pic Alumni

totally effering great, $5


Awesome, as always!


it says " h' "... lol. I like it.


Wow, Superpope, you certainly assumed a lot in your interpretation of my post. I was just giving an honest reaction since no one else had. It neither approved nor disapproved of the design, just gave feedback about its effect, which is something I've heard that artists like, especially artists that post to a site like this.

Defensive much?

bananaphone profile pic Artist

princessmax, are you saying that your comment is the only honest reaction?

What a pretentious wank.


rubah on Jul 13 '06
if you're going to use binary at least use it in octets, you don't even have to make it say anything, but please, the set of eights. Even fours, but ;.;

Marry me.

bananaphone profile pic Artist

kicks submission seems to be stuck on comments.


Not only. Just first.

Which apostrophe?

Will it get you all off my back if I reveal that I scored it a 4? I love the creative kids that don't do well on tests the most.

bananaphone profile pic Artist

I actually do pretty well at tests.

bananaphone profile pic Artist

"I don't really like the design, but if it was just the little guy coming out of the stomach bigger.. on a blue shirt.. I'd definately buy that. hinthint*"



The guy looks like a clown. Why would a clown speak in binary? Maybe if it was a robot or something this would make more sense to me.


Does binary taste like chicken?

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