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The challenge was

Design a cross-cultural pattern for the Fall Select 2014 collection.

We've started planning Threadless Select's Fall '14 collection and need your help creating fashion forward patterns for all kinds of garments including hoodies, button-down shirts, cardigans, dresses, and more.

Your challenge is to create a pattern that combines different cultures and periods in time (past, present, or future). Your pattern can be a mashup of time and/or places. Remember when Marco Polo went to China? What if he landed on the coast of Cape Town instead? Or Mars? Or what if the Mayans rebuild their famous temples in the year 2054? This is your chance to blur the lines between fact and fiction and rewrite history!

If you are new to designing for Threadless Select, be sure to check out the collection to get a feel for the styles and patterns that have been chosen in the past.

We're looking specifically for patterns that include a spin on the following:

  • Multi-ethnic and richly textured designs/patterns

  • Folksy imagery & emphasis on traditional craft

  • Ornamental/ornate patterns

  • Storytelling—mythology and folklore references

  • Kaleidoscopic, unexpected color palettes
  • *Patterns need to be perfectly squared, tiled repeats with any of the following dimensions: 6x6, 12x12, 16x16, 24x24, 32x32

    You can submit your pattern using any Threadless submission kit you like, just make sure to present the pattern on its own as well as on at least one garment.

    The winner received

    • Every design chosen for this Select Design Challenge will receive a 10% royalty based on the wholesale buy and/or sales revenue.

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