Blast from the Past

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Nothing Matters

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The challenge was

Create a design that sparks a blast from the past!

Ahh, doesn’t that just take ya back?

More often than not, we don’t actively think about nostalgia for it to strike us. No, we have nostalgia thrust upon us. Such is the idea of “a blast from the past”. Create a design that will transport all who view it to an earlier time. We all have things that take us back to a specific feeling, memory, or decade, whether it’s a time we lived through or an era we’re fascinated by. Opening up a time capsule that was buried in the ‘50s. Finding an old toy in your parents’ basement that you haven’t seen in YEARS. The packaging of your favorite snack when you were a kid, seeing “the one that got away” at a high school reunion, or opening up the ol’ yearbooks and remembering inside jokes you forgot about amidst all the “H.A.G.S!” messages. Sometimes, things that are universal are enough to spark specific memories in all of us. Now go create a design that acts as a mental time machine!


The winner received

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