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You Are Beautiful

The You Are Beautiful challenge winners are here!

165 designs /
printed designs / 67,746 votes placed


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The challenge was

Create a beautiful t-shirt design.

You Are Beautiful is a little sticker campaign that’s trying to make a big difference in how people feel about their self-worth. Since 2002, the You are Beautiful community has slapped more than 500,000 of these little reflective stickers on lamp posts, light switches, mirrors, and wherever else stickers stick across the world. Now you can do your part to help spread this simple, powerful message so it sticks with even more people!

Your challenge is to create a beautiful t-shirt design. Just as the You Are Beautiful project and message are completely open, you can interpret this challenge however you like (submitting a tee with the You Are Beautiful logo or text doesn't count). Your design doesn’t need to change the world. But if it can change one person’s world, we’ll take it!

So put down the hair spray and mascara. You’re beautiful without ‘em! Pick up your sketch pad and get to work on making somethin’ pretty.

The winner received

  • $1,000 cash

  • $250 Threadless.com gift certificate

  • WACOM graphics tablet

  • Matthew Hoffman's 'Connect or Dialogue Trying' 100-pieces art collection (valued at $1,500 - no frames included)

  • Hand-cut 'You Are Beautiful' wooden sign (valued at $1,000 - approx. 3 inch x 24 inch)

  • Matthew Hoffman original shadow box art piece (valued at $500 - approx. 10 inch x 10 inch)

  • 500 'You Are Beautiful' stickers (valued at $50)

Designs from this challenge

You Are Beautiful

You Are Beautiful

'You Are Beautiful' is a simple and bold message meant to improve lives on a personal level. In the past decade over a half million 'You Are Beautiful' stickers, installations, and exhibitions have traveled around the world. Matthew Hoffman, who originally initiated the project, considers himself the custodian, keeping the lights on and the floor clean. He points to the incredible global community that has championed and embraced this message.