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Embrace imbalance!

It's been said that symmetry is a key ingredient of beauty. Symmetry is balanced, it's level, it's...booooring.

Your goal here is to shake things up a little (literally) to create a design that defies symmetry! Embracing asymmetry is all about creating an image that doesn't mirror itself on either side of that imaginary line that divides the middle of your paper (or screen). Instead of using that line to make sure your design is balanced, use it as a guide to throw off balance. Look to classical works like "Whistler's Mother" and Picasso's portraits that embraced imbalance and asymmetry before it was cool.

Go a little off kilter, a little off your symmetrical rocker, and shake things up!


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Featured designs:
Technicolour Rex by Elisha Hale
The Hanging City by Tang Yau Hoong
The Great Thaw by Rick Crane

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