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Dog Alphabet

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The challenge was

Spell it Out For Us!

Go ahead: spell it out for us!

Forget sounding it out - DRAW it out! You already know your ABCs - now turn them into art. Flex your hand lettering skills and feature just one fancied up letter, or use every letter of "the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog". Create a satirical take on Scrabble (we've all been left with some combo of X, J, I, Q, and Z before...) or perhaps do a dark humor version of "A is for BLANK". You can even do a design featuring cool letters from differing alphabets 'round the world, or long-lost letters (trivia time: '&' used to be a letter).

Now go create art from A-Z...literally!


Featured designs:
Alphabet Zoo by Sara Lee
Now I Know My ABC's by Joel Cocks
ABCs by hogboy

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