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  • A Song On The Mountain

    Design by Michael Buxton

  • Artistic Rhythm

    Design by Daniel Arzola and Yort Evangelista

  • If you must blink... Do it now !

    Design by BlackoutBrother

  • kubo song

    Design by may kapao

  • Rising Son

    Design by Nick Danzi

  • My Story

    Design by Pepe Rodríguez

  • I don't got this

    Design by Paul Tippett

  • Moonbeast

    Design by dale

  • Dogtor

    Design by Joel Robinson

  • Meowlting

    Design by ilovedoodle

  • Visit Mordor

    Design by Mathiole

  • The Hanging City

    Design by Tang Yau Hoong

  • MTN LP

    Design by NDTank

  • Great Outdoors

    Design by radiomode

  • and Ramen

    Design by Andrew C. Steger & Scott Steger

  • Magic Bacon Ride

    Design by George Otsubo


Friday Features: Simple. Minimal.

12 designs. 8 different Artist Shops. All minimal. Keep it #simple. (And if you know of any rad minimal designs we missed – or if ...